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Fans Required To Check In Before Attending Games

As you all know, this year has been a challenge due to the COVID guidelines from MDH and the MSHSL. Here is a new challenge for spring activities. ROCORI and Central Lakes Conference schools are being asked to document all spectators at every event at every level. This is a difficult task as we don't sell tickets or have gate at each event.

To remedy the situation, the CLC AD's met and came up with a QR code for all schools and all events that will document on a master spread sheet for the CLC every spectator.  Parents will need to use this to sign in their group at each event that does not take gate. The only event that we are planning to take gate is varsity baseball.  We will do this at the door.

Responsibility will be on the spectators to follow through on this for every game.  The code should be sent to parents to do ahead of time and it will also be posted at every game on the fences to use phones as spectators show up.

If every spectator does this easy and quick questionnaire for each event, we will be compliant. Please pass this on to all of your coaches to send to parents and encourage spectators to follow through at each event. Click below to view the link or use the QR Code to be directed to the following link:



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