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Team Expectations

"A Good Or A Great Team”

At Rocori, we have a rich tradition of success and achievements that have been obtained on a baseball field. And because of this strong tradition we will always have a GOOD team. A team that has players with good physical qualities will be a GOOD team for that reason alone. But being GOOD doesn’t necessarily breed success on the baseball field. In order to be GREAT there are certain ingredients that each player on a team must have…


Each player on a GREAT team must have the following characteristics

  1. Physical ability and knowledge of the sport

  2. Team spirit and sportsmanship

  3. Competitive Spirit and inner-drive to succeed

  4. Rocori Pride

  5. The desire to excel

  6. The heart and guts to compete in the most difficult conditions

  7. Class and professionalism

  8. RESPECT for the game


Great Teams produce hero’s and champions…


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