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Parent Expectations


If we want our players to stay level headed and succeed, we need to put responsibility on their shoulders. A baseball player will most likely live up to those expectations that have been placed on them.

Most parents are well aware that a successful student-athlete usually has supportive family members at home. Parents who take an appropriate interest in their child's athletic career can be a huge factor in helping their child achieve his or her goals. However, inappropriate involvement by parents can have a destructive effect on the success rate of their child's career. Please consider the following items to help continue the strong tradition of baseball at Rocori High School.

1.) Encourage good health with your child,

2.) Support the importance that your son or daughters academic performance is more important than their athletic achievement,

3.) Support ALL TEAM RULES!!!

4.) Attend as many games as you can,

5.) Be a good sport,

6.) Emphasize hard work and positive attitudes,

7.) Get involved,

8.) Remember how difficult it is to coach and that the coaches are simply doing what they believe is best for your son or daughter and the well-being of the team,

9.) Try not to focus your attention on your child's playing time or performance, but focus on the team and it's success.

10.) And most importantly, remember that it is not you out their playing!!!

A letter to the Rocori parents: 

Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

The Rocori High School Baseball season is once again upon us, and we look forward to continuing the successful tradition of exciting and competitive baseball at Rocori.


This year’s coaching staff includes five former Rocori baseball players. At the varsity level the coaches are: Jeff Illies (1990 grad.), Russ Huls (1985 grad.), and John “Boogs” Rausch (1972 grad). Jeron Lieser (1996 grad.) heads the Junior varsity, while Dean Kron (1991 grad.) and Josh Austad coach the 9th grade. These individuals are well versed with the philosophies and aggressive style of play that has helped make the Rocori Baseball Program a successful and top notch program for over forty years.

As coaches, we will strive to do the very best when it comes to working with your son this season. At Rocori, we set high expectations on our athletes, and believe that we should compete for a conference and section title every year. Throughout the season, we will put a lineup on the field that will give us the best chance to not only compete, but win! We strongly believe that competition among the players is a positive thing that will not only make each individual a better baseball player, but will better prepare them for the life experiences that they will encounter in the years ahead. It is an expectation that each member on the team will show commitment and dedication to not only the Rocori Baseball Program but to also becoming the best baseball player that they can be. And we will hold them accountable for all that is asked of them throughout the season. Furthermore, we are asking for your support in doing the same.

Both parenting and coaching are challenging commitments. By establishing an understanding of each role, we will be better prepared to accept the actions of the other and provide the greatest benefit for the one who deserves it the most, your son the baseball player. Furthermore, it is important to understand that during the season, there will be times when things don’t go the way you or your child wishes. If a situation arises, we will provide clear and honest communication in regards to our decisions. If a meeting with us coaches is desired, fell free to call varsity coach Jeff Illies at 685-8683, ext 1120 to set up a meeting. Please do not attempt to confront one of the coaches before, during, or after a contest. These can be emotional times for both the parent and the coach which ultimately places your son in the middle. A confrontation of this nature does not promote positive resolution. It is important to understand that if a meeting is desired, we will only discuss the following: Philosophy of the Rocori Baseball Program, concerns about your son’s behavior, or ways to help your son improve. Things that will never be discussed with a parent are: Playing time, play calling, and other players on the team. Remember, the coaches and parents have the same overall intentions, and that is what is best for your son and the team to be successful. The bottom line is that we are asking you the parent to please allow the players to play, the coaches to coach, and the officials to officiate. Be a fan of your son and the game of baseball, and support the Rocori Baseball team throughout what promises to be an exciting and entertaining season.

Thank you,


The Rocori High School Baseball Coaches

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