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Coaching Expectations


A mediocre coach tells,

A good coach explains,

A superior coach demonstrates,

A great coach INSPIRES!!!

During the baseball season, the coaches are probably the most important role models that the players have. These players are going to look at us not only for guidance and instruction, but they will be watching and listening to how to react in every situation. It is our job to prepare our players for each and every situation and to help guide them towards making the right choices. As a coach we must remember that we are trying to develop a person first, and an athlete second. We are trying to develop a championship individual and must believe that we will lead through example. We will stress:

Hard work, teamwork, perseverance, positive attitudes, discipline, commitment, and desire!!!

As a coach we will emphasize the following aspects to help put each baseball player in a safe environment that will help them reach their full potential.

1.) Be a positive leader,

2.) Show each player that you care,

3.) Emphasize that it is only a GAME!!!

4.) Strive towards improvement at all levels include from a coaching standpoint,

5.) Stress class, professionalism, and sportsmanship,

6.) Simplify things. Use common sense to get points across,

7.) Provide a practice environment that is motivating and challenging,

8.) Communicate!!! Not only with each other coach, but more importantly with the players and their parents. If we are open and honest with them, they will respect our decisions even more,

9.) Be willing to take credit and blame,

10.) Be a part of the winning tradition and coach as a team!!! A good coach is only as good as the ones around him.

As a coach we will always be second guessed; it's what makes the game more enjoyable...Just do what you believe is right!!!

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