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Central Lakes Conference Standings 
(Updated through 2024 regular season)

Section 8-3A Standings 
(Updated through 2024 regular season)

***What is QRF?***

The Quality Results Formula (QRF) was created to try and rank teams from different parts of the state.

Each game is given an individual QRF (iQRF) based three things (listed in order of importance)

  • Win or Loss

  • Opponent wins

  • Class differential between the teams

Logically, the more wins an opponent has, the higher your opponents Class is, and the more you win by the higher your iQRF is for that game.

When all of a team's iQRF's are added together and divided by the number of MN games played, you come up with a team's QRF.
*Only MN vs. MN games count.

This number is then compared to other teams in the state to come up with an overall ranking.  The QRF ranking should only be used to compare teams within the same Class.

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