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Player Expectations


1. Attendance

  • Attendance at practice and games is MANDATORY!!!

  • During baseball season, your commitments are family, faith, education, & baseball. Furthermore, only appropriate reasons for missing a practice or game that are related to those commitments will be accepted.

  • Practice and Game schedules will be issued well ahead of time. Expect baseball commitment times to run Monday – Friday with some Saturdays.

  • BE ON TIME!!!

  • If you need to miss a practice for an excused absence (coaches will determine what is excused, work is not a legitimate excuse), you must contact a coach and only a coach as to why you will not be at the practice or game.

2. Academics

  • Be a student first!!!

  • All players must make satisfactory progress in their classes. Failure to do so will result in loss of playing time, game suspensions, or possible dismissal from the team.

  • Remember, you are a ROCORI baseball player on and off the field. Your actions in the classroom reflect the image of the ROCORI baseball program. Inappropriate actions will not be accepted.

3. Dress Code

  • The weather in Minnesota during the springtime can change drastically from day to day. Be prepared for all weather conditions and dress accordingly.

  • All pitchers will be required to have long sleeve shirts or jackets available to them for all indoor and outdoor practices

  • Understand that we emphasize practicing like we play the game. Therefore, dress appropriately for practices that will allow you to practice at the highest level. If we want you to slide, slide, etc.

  • Each player will be issued a team uniform. Take ownership of that uniform. There will be times when the uniforms lose button, rip, etc. If possible, try to have yourself or a family member fix the problem. We are not a high budget program and thus get by with what we have.

  • Absolutely no one else wears the issued uniform but you.

  • All uniforms will need to be washed by the next game with only a few exceptions (tournaments, double-headers, etc.)

  • At ROCORI we play the game with professionalism and class. As a result, we will show class by how we dress. Hats will be worn properly (forward and straight), clothing will be tucked in and worn like a baseball player. If the weather is poor, a ROCORI jacket or sweatshirt will be worn over the uniform during warm-ups or in the dugout. Remember, “look good, play good…”

  • Be a responsible and organized individual with your clothing. Every item left behind will result in a large bag of seeds from the individual that will be donated to the team. No exceptions.

  • As a player and a team, we will look classy and professional.  Everything from clothing attire to hygiene will be represented in a professional manner and left up to the coach’s discretion.  Remember, the general overall appearance that a player and team displays, tells a lot about the overall makeup of the team and how they are perceived by their opponents.

4. Practices

  • Varsity baseball player are allowed to drive to Cold Spring Baseball Park. Any form of reckless driving will not be tolerated! The consequences will be losing that privilege for the entire team.

  • HUSTLE, HUSTLE, HUSTLE!!! And encourage others to do so.

  • We will practice on average for 2 hours a day. During that time, we demand your attention and desire to become a better baseball player. BE COACHABLE!!!

  • Every player will be responsible for helping with picking up the equipment and taking care of the field. A workers list will be posted in the dugout. Absolutely no one leaves the field until all work is done!!!

  • We are fortunate to practice and play on of the greatest facilities in the area. Part of being a ROCORI baseball player is learning how to properly take care of the field. Take pride in it!!! Continue to make the field our own “Field of Dreams.”

5. Games

  • At ROCORI we will strive to be the standard that other teams view as the way to play the game of baseball properly. To do that we will with no exceptions

    1. Hustle at all time and during all situations.

    2. Handle all equipment properly (never throw your equipment).

    3. Play the game of baseball consistently at a high level with our gloves, bats, and our arms. NEVER OUR MOUTHS!!! You will never talk back to an umpire, opposing player, teammate, or coach. Words out of your mouth will be geared towards encouraging or communicating with a teammate. Leave the rest up to a coach.

  • During games, no food or pop are allowed in the dugout with some exceptions. Sunflower seeds, water, Gatorade, etc. are acceptable

  • During games, no visiting or socializing with friends or individuals not on the playing field. You are on the playing field (dugout included) for one purpose, to help your team win. STAY FOCUSED!!!

  • Always be ready and willing to contribute. Stay loose both physically and mentally.

  • Enjoy the situation you are in. You are a baseball player and good at it. Love the fact that you get to play “America’s favorite pastime.”

  • We win and lose as a team. Show good sportsmanship.

6. Character

  • We will be model baseball players. Play the game right and leave the field making others impressed with how you play the game.

  • We don’t steal, tell falsehoods, intentionally hurt people (physically and mentally), destroy property, or use inappropriate language.

  • WE WILL FOLLOW ALL MSHSL RULES (No use of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, etc.)

  • Remember that your actions off the baseball field will reflect the entire program and the ROCORI district. Be a positive representative of our community and make the community proud of your actions as a baseball player and as a person!!!

  • Be positive and confident in your abilities. Remember in baseball you will fail more than you will succeed. Accept that and strive to simply be the best that you can be.

  • CHERISH the opportunity!!!...

    1. To wear your school jersey,

    2. To develop life skills (for a lifetime),

    3. To develop relationships (for a lifetime),

    4. To become a champion on and off the field,

    5. To play the GREAT GAME OF BASEBALL!!!

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